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When I see girls in their bathing suit, I’m happy for them.
When I see girls drive when they’re young, I’m happy for them.
When I see girls walking with their boyfriends, I’m happy for them.
Sometimes, I wish I was like them…

My name is Alejandrina. I’m one in every 500,000.
Diastrophic Dysplasia.
That’s me in my favorite dress.
I’m tiny. Less than 3 feet tall.
I have a cleft palate, makes my voice sound cute.
I wear braces on my feet, only to balance if I want to dribble a basketball.
I can walk. I have an electric wheelchair for better mobilization.
I call it, My PurpleBulldozer.
My feet look cool, like a dinosaur.
Every once in a while, I have slight hearing problems.
I have scoliosis.
My hands are the HitchHiker type.
My tummy has scars.
I have had many surgeries.
Even after all this-
I smile.

I want people to understand how amazing and fortunate you truly are.
People out there have it worse. Worse than you and me.
Be happy for the Life you are living.
Be happy for your body.
Be happy for your car.
Be happy for your home.
Be happy.

Happiness is not a destination.
It’s a way of Life.
So be it.

Everyone is absolutely
Beautiful, Gorgeous, Breath-Taking, Amazing, Wonderful.
Smile and Believe, because YOU are all of these things.
Every single one of them.

I thank everyone for your wonderful support in helping me be the person that I am.
I thank God.
I also thank everyone who reads this.
Thank you for liking it. Thank you for reblogging.
Hopefully, this will get far on Tumblr.
Please, don’t have pity for me.
Feel joy and happiness.

Have Faith in God.
Believe in yourself.
Get Motivated.

-This is the real fashion.
No make-up. No hoochie stuff goin’ on.
The fashion that is truly you.
The true person God created you to be.

Everyone has a wonderful purpose in Life.

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