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There must be thousands of guys in this country whose last season gets cut short. Winning all the preliminaries and going on to nationals. If all this were a work of fiction, the guys who go to nationals would be the protagonists, and the rest of us would just be extras. But, regardless… We got to play volleyball.

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People always ask:

Why do you always watch anime and read manga so much? Well I asked myself that today. 

And I thought. And thought. Well, why do you all watch soaps and reality television?

It’s a way for me to travel without having to travel. To experience without having to experience directly. To feel without feeling. It’s just the same as watching television. Except it’s much more. The foreign feel of it. The different settings. Each a unique experience in itself. 

I’d like to write more, but I just can’t think really. 

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Currently Watching: Guilty Crown

…I think everyone should watch Ano Hana ; n;


…now I know what you guys were talking about Ayo and Cole :x 

So my hoodie sleeve is completely drenched. K. 

What was that flower called? 

Currently Watching: Ano Hana

Currently Watching: Summer Wars

I wanted this ever since the summer! And now I have it! 

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