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Never too old for Disney~! 

Oh I feel like kid again :P enjoy my ugly face~ (Taken with instagram)

Magic is falling asleep on your couch, your desk, or your floor, and waking up under blankets in your own bed.

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Code Lyoko Theme Song

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Here we are
Going far
To save all that we love
If we give
All we’ve got
We will make it through 

…Can I just say I pretended to be one of the gang at one point and even made up one of my own powers? K. 

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Sleepy eyes, Sleepy child.

Whenever my mom would stay at work late because of a deployment of a project and wouldn’t come home till the early morning, I would stay up. I wanted to make sure she came home safely. Anytime she would go on a business trip somewhere, I would have a gut-wrenching feeling until she came home safely. Maybe it’s just me. 

I feel like a worried parent already. 

I remember doing this ever since I was young and some of her nights went on late. I would stay up with my brother, and I would nod off into a worrisome sleep into the night where my mom would wake me up with a loving smile and I would have that sleepy smile back at her. And inside, I would think, she came home safely. 

"Welcome home, Mom." 

And tonight is one of those nights. 

… this brought back so many memories. what. I can’t believe I still remember this. I think I even role played as Rudy with the chalk. Haha. 

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Lion King 3D

So I finally got around to watching the movie…

As soon as I heard the Circle of Life playing, I felt my eyes start tearing up. I don’t know exactly why, but it must have been my childhood emotions welling up from within and finally letting loose once it heard something of the past. 

I could remember every single detail as it came to me. I was basically in the theater alone and I was singing my heart out to each and every song, the lyrics etched into my memory, never to be forgotten, only to be remembered. 

And I giggled like a stupid idiot when I saw Simba and Nala getting it on. Can you feel the love tonight? Every scene hit me harder than I expected, the 3D wasn’t as great, but the fact that it was here in front of my, on the big screen after so many years. I couldn’t believe it was happening. 

I relived my childhood today, and I loved every single second of it. Rewatching it again, it taught me how much meaning Disney has in their movies, but we were just too young to realize it. 

There’s only two things you can do with your past: Run away from it, or learn from it. 

You know it’s October when you start painting pumpkins :DDD It was really fun! (Something I’ve never done as a kid) 

Relive your childhood to it’s fullest even when you aren’t a child anymore… 

Piyo / Chococat / Doodle 

My last First Day… It’s nostalgic really.

I know there’s always college, but this will be the last time I’m starting school while living with my parents. It’s a very big change. I still can’t believe it. My mind has yet to grasp the fact that I’m a senior. That I’ll be graduating from high school and my childhood essentially in the next year. 

I suppose the nostalgia would be coming from this tradition I used to have with my mom. She would hand me a red envelope the night before and tell me to leave it under my pillow as I sleep for luck during the year. 

Then at night as I sleep, she would be placing red envelopes around the house along with mandarin oranges. In addition to this, she would put a scallion or leek in a plastic bag with another red envelope and stick it in my bag.

I’ll miss this yearly tradition. And I’ll miss having a first day of school with my family. I guess change is happening already. 

I still remember my very first first day. My first day of pre-school. I guess it doesn’t really count. I was clinging to my mom, but I wasn’t crying, since I had always been left at the day care with my older brother, so I was used to seeing other children and leaving my mom. 

I guess it starts to count in Kindergarten. I can still remember it now. I took the yellow school bus for the very first time with my older brother. We went to the same elementary school for a couple of years. To this day, it is not standing anymore. I remember excitedly waiting for the bus with my cartoon backpack and my mom and grandparents were with us. And then by the time I got to my classroom, I saw Ivan climbing on those window panes beside the doors. I recall him being yelled at. I also remember walking into the classroom hearing crying children. I walked over to the mat with the city and highways on it and just started playing with toys. 



Portable Gamecube Opened and Closed.



You’ll never be too old to be a little tyke. Maybe too heavy, but never ever too old. 

I will forever love moon bounces, or as my cousins like to call it, the bouncy house. 

Shit. I’m crying. 

This song shouldn’t be so special… But it’s so sad. This moment when you have to leave someone because you feel like it’s the best for someone to go. And you just have to accept leaving them, is just necessary. It’s time to say goodbye. 

When I was little… I never knew that this song had so much meaning. I was just crying so hard that Ash had to leave Pikachu. And you know… going through my old iPod. I can’t believe this song was on my iPod. I want to go back to the beginning. 

I think I’m also crying because Pokemon was my childhood. I grew up playing it on my GameBoy Color. I grew up watching it every Saturday on WB56. It was a morning Saturday ritual that I always looked forward to. I remember recording it on VHS tapes. And now… I miss it. I miss my childhood. It breaks my heart that I’m getting older. Dammit. This sucks. 

I’m slowly losing my grasp on childhood. I want what I had back then. When I didn’t care that my friends didn’t hang out with me, or that I wasn’t in a relationship. 

I guess in a sense, this song… It’s time to say goodbye to my childhood. 

I’m a senior now. 

Theme songs in the order they appear
1. Reading Rainbow
2. Sesame Street
3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
4 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
5. Pokemon!!! 


I enjoy making dumplings with my mom.

Call me silly, but I haven’t done this in years. Homemade dumplings. Although we didn’t talk to each other much, the fact that we were doing something that I love, cooking, made everything nice. 

I miss doing this. I remember when I was little. I would help out all the time, even though the dumplings I made would fall apart and my mom would have to fix it. 

It’s just another childhood memory of mine. But I treasure it. 

Brb. Eating dumplings =D 

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