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I don’t know if you know because you look like a loser and probably are if we were made to be your friend. But being sassy for EVERY option on the menu is not funny. So….. Stop.

It seems like everyone here is compatible except me. And I don’t mind it at all. Everyone here is so annoying. Especially these stuck up vegetarians. And this non-dairy girl who absolutely keeps mentioning to us that she can’t eat anything. Like seriously what the fuck is wrong with this group. We know you can’t eat this and that. For the vegetarians, we picked this restaurant. Stop fucking be so annoying about the menu. I’d never want to eat with you again. It’s your fucking choice. You’re so annoying. I can’t. Do this. I don’t want your sass. I don’t want anything of yours.

This is so rude. He’s obviously targeting my choices and indirectly being rude to me. I can’t wait to get off this trip. Seriously? You’re not always right. So shut the fuck up. You’re so pompous and obnoxious. I just need to get away from you. From this. I can’t believe I survived for a week. Ice cream place. Everything has to go your way. Well it doesn’t. I can’t believe I chose wrong about this trip. Why the fuck does everything have to be about you. You were cocky about your two scoops for $5 well I got two for $4. So bug off. And you’re always on your on laptop and so high up. I just. Ugh.

I don’t know if I like this ASB trip anymore. This guy is a little messed up and obnoxious. I’d rather have him in the room not doing anything. I don’t know. This sucks. He’s a bit bitchy. And especially the vegetarian higher up he thinks he is. Whatever. He literally shot down everything. I kind of hate it. He’s so health conscious superior.

I look to television shows for comfort. As a means of escaping reality. For days on end I would drown myself in characters and their relationships. Sam. Dean. Stiles. Scott. Phoebe. Rachel. Ross. Joey. Chandler. Monica. The list goes on and on. Truthfully, the real world scares me. It requires so much effort I am left an empty shell by the end of the day. At night, I let these shows take me to places I’ve never even imagined going. Fighting demons. Being a werewolf. Living in NYC.

And I guess, these shows help me deal with the real issue. 


Supernatural is taking over my life.


Why do I feel like this is becoming a meme or was a meme and I just never realized it and and and. WHY ISN’T IT HAPPENING TO ME?

Q & A

Shoot me any questions you have about Boston University!

I’ll be training to become a tour guide come this Spring, so maybe you’ll see me around too!

I’m currently a Sophomore at Boston University on the Pre-Med track. I am a Psychology major in College of Arts and Sciences, but I’m trying to transfer into Sargent College to major in Human Physiology.

I am also currently in Madrid, Spain studying abroad in the Madrid Science Program as well…

Go ahead!

Classy Red Piano in Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) in Paris.

I’ll miss being able to casually drink without being carded or worrying if anyone’s watching. It’ll be a couple of more years…

When in Paris…

I have to stop letting people rule over my life. Why do I just let it happen?

Why the fuck are you so good at making me feel like I’m always in the wrong?

You know what? I’m sick and tired of being strung around. I’m done.

A friend is not a friend indeed when they leave you alone in your time of need.

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