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A heart. 

This has been stuck there for the longest time. Since April. And it hasn’t fallen since. I can’t help but feel that if it keeps on staying strong, that I might be able to still try to love. I’ve always been in unrequited love situations. Always. And whenever I get shot down, I just look at this for hope. If it can stay strong, why can’t I? 

I’m a hopeless romantic. Seriously. I can take a casual walk to the park and suddenly, I envision all these things I would do with my date: go on a picnic, cuddle underneath a starlit night, watch the fall leaves come down, swing together, hang around on the jungle gym. It doesn’t even stop there. I would walk through a grocery store and hope to have someone push me around on a shopping cart like a kid again and vice-versa. I hope to go baking and cooking. And maybe even cake them. 

And when I have these thoughts, I end up feeling empty inside knowing that I might not ever.

But when I look at this heart. It gives me hope. And I too feel like I’ll be able to find that special someone. 

The “Game Over” kiss. Oh my.